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Q:What is Vital Point Martial Arts?
A:The Vital Point Martial Arts program utilizes a holistic approach to training. The student will develop proficiency and familiarity in all ranges which include kicking, punching, trapping/infighting, and grappling as well as combat weaponry.

The techniques and methods taught are influenced by a number of various martial arts. For example, the kicking and punching strategies and techniques have been influenced by Muay Thai, Savate, Jun Fan kickboxing, as well as others.Similarly, trapping and infighting range techniques have their influences in Wing Chun, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and other disciplines. Grappling and groundfighting techniques come from Sifu Tom Macaluso’s experience and exposure in western wrestling such Catch-as-Catch-Can as well as Judo, Jiujitsu, and other grappling techniques from Silat and the Filipino martial arts. The weaponry taught stems mainly from the Filipino martial arts.


Q:Vital Point Martial Arts…does that mean you guys do pressure point stuff?
A:In this case, Vital Point refers to life, or “alive” and dynamic training. Although some pressure points are taught and utilized, it is not the focus of our training.


Q:What does “alive” mean in training?
A:By alive, we mean that we do not train in a static environment, where techniques are done in a vacuum. What does this mean? One way to explain this is looking at the progression in the training of a simple combination.

When a beginner first learns a combination such as jab, cross, and a kick, he will practice it stationary and without his partner or opponent countering his movement or rushing at him—no pressure is given. However, advancing does not involve learning a fancier or more complex technique, instead it requires the student to perform the same jab, cross, and kick combination in progressively more difficult situations, such as while moving, while his partner is moving, delivering the technique from different distances, dealing with counterattacks, and being able to see when an opening arrives. The goal is to be able to deliver that combination (or any combination or technique) in realistic situations against uncooperative opponents.


Q:Can older students train at Vital Point Martial Arts?
A.Yes. Students of diverse ages and fitness levels are welcome to train. Currently, our oldest student is in his 60’s while our youngest is in high school. The instructors at the Vital Point Martial Arts Academy take care to monitor each student’s individual levels of fitness and skill, to challenge students to increase their current limits safely.

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