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What is Vital Point Martial Arts?

The Vital Point Martial Arts program utilizes a holistic approach to training.

The student will develop proficiency and familiarity in all ranges which include

kicking, punching, trapping/infighting, and grappling as well as combat weaponry.

The techniques and methods taught are influenced by a number of various martial arts.

For example, the kicking and punching strategies and techniques have been influenced by

Muay Thai, Savate, Jun Fan kickboxing, as well as others. Similarly, trapping and infighting

range techniques have their influences in Wing Chun, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and

other disciplines.


Grappling and groundfighting techniques come from Sifu Tom Macaluso’s experience and

exposure in western wrestling such Catch-as-Catch-Can as well as Judo, Jiujitsu, and other

grappling techniques from Silat and the Filipino martial arts. The weaponry taught stems

mainly from the Filipino martial arts.


There are no contracts to sign - just a focus on excellent instruction, superior service,

and individual attention.  VPMA is proud to work with men, women and children of all ages, 

shapes, and levels of experience in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.  

Your first class is always free at Vital Point Martial Arts!

Your first class is always free at Vital Point Martial Arts!
Sifu Tom Macaluso is available for seminars, private lessons or semi-private lessons.
Please contact Tom for more information.

You can contact Tom at 



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